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SPEC is a process engineering and construction firm based north of the Boston area, serving the northeast US.


We offer full design-build services. Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed a method enabling us to be one of the fastest and most efficient firms in the industry.

We've worked across a variety of industries including specialty chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals, energy storage, cellulosic ethanol, solar panels, biopharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, and microelectronics.

We've scaled up many of these technologies from a lab scale to pilot through commercialization.

SPEC caters to a wide range of clients.

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Our unique approach to process engineering has helped in hundreds of large-scale installations in such industries as specialty chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals, energy storage, cellulosic ethanol, and more.

Complex Manufacturing Projects

Completed Faster and On Budget.


The SPEC approach is a modified design/build model, correcting the deficiencies in a typical design/build project as practiced by others in the construction industry.


Equipment Specialties

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We are an engineering industry leader in
technically demanding and highly regulated projects


  • 10 Dec

    New York State Incentives Explained: Part 1

    New York State’s robust business incentive programs make it an ideal location for green manufacturing and industrial businesses, and recently has attracted some of the industry’s key players. Below is an outline of some of the Empire State’s incentives: Read More
  • 16 Dec

    SPEC Works with NY State Funded Start ups: Part 2

    With so much available funding from the state government, many businesses are now able to build new or retrofit existing facilities in New York State. For many small to mid-sized companies, these grants have allowed them to begin their first demonstration or commercial-scale building project. Determining the best course of action, however, can be a daunting task for these companies attempting to scale-up. Read More
  • 27 May

    The Importance of Performing a Process Review Prior to Planning your Process Expansion

    Prior to planning any process expansion project, it’s important to perform a thorough process review and evaluation. We've written up a case study of our work with a client where this proved particularly helpful, and have outlined specific issues we found when performing this review. We were able to identify weaknesses, inefficiencies, as well as gauge the impact that an expansion would have on their Read More
  • 17 Jun

    Fixed Price vs. Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts

    Because SPEC works with a wide variety of clients and projects, we’ve found it useful to develop two contracting methods to better fit our diverse clients. We’ve broken down the two styles of contracts here,Fixed Price and Guaranteed Maximum Price, so that we can provide some guidance for any industrial clients facing this issue.  Read More
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