How SPEC develops Design/Build Projects (Part 2 of 3)

Design/Build Package

After SPEC has completed the Scope Study, and the client has reviewed and approved the package, work can proceed immediately on the Design/Build Package.

This involves the development of a comprehensive design package covering all aspects of the project.   This design package provides enough definition to accurately budget the full project and is bid to subcontractors and vendors.  SPEC then compiles the bids to develop a contract price for the entire project.  The end result is a comprehensive set of design documents covering the process and facility components of the project.    

Once accepted, the Design/Build Package will allow detailed design, procurement and construction to begin immediately.  As with the Scope Study, the development of the Design/Build Package does not represent any additional cost to the overall project; all design work developed in this phase is directly used in the detailed design and construction phase of the project.

Design/Build Package Deliverables

Process Engineering

  • Preliminary P&ID’s
  • Equipment Arrangement Drawing
  • Equipment list w/ sizing specifications


  • Preliminary equipment arrangement and floor/site plan

Structural Engineering

  • Equipment Support Design Concepts (if required)


  • HVAC Design Basis
  • Preliminary Equipment Schedule
  • Preliminary Equipment Arrangement
  • Preliminary Airflow Diagram / Major Duct Routing

Electrical Engineering

  • Conceptual One Line Diagram
  • Preliminary Power Design Controls
  • Preliminary Functional Requirements Specifications – Hardware & Software                    
  • Preliminary Instrument List w/ preliminary specifications
  • Proposed Control System Architecture
  • Preliminary Instrument Location Plan w/ wiring specifications

Project Management

  • Project Basis Report with engineering documents and scope narrative
  • Project Execution Plan and Schedule
  • Part II Contract and exhibits
  • Project Budget

Once the client has reviewed and accepted the Design/Build Package, SPEC can immediately begin detailed design, procurement, and construction.   Because the budget included in the Design/Build package is based on real bids from subcontractors and equipment vendors, SPEC can contract to complete the project for that price without any further bidding or delay.