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Clamp-On Dimple Jacket

Clamp-On Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger. These jackets consist of hemispherical dimples pressed into a thin plate, which is then wrapped around and clamped onto the vessel. They are frequently used to heat or to cool process vessels in the chemical process industries. They have better heat-transfer characteristics than conventional jackets due to the turbulence generated by the dimples. They can be fitted to both cylindrical and dished portions of a process vessel. Dimple jackets typically give high pressure ratings, have a low to moderate pressure drop, and are moderate in cost.

Things to Consider When Purchasing This Product:

Case Study Heat transfer media, Process temperature, Stress corrosion cracking risk, Water volume rate, Use of steam, Maximum 300 psig design pressure with steam, Transfer fluid temperature, Design according to ASME code, Heat transfer coefficients, Reynolds number

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