Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance in the process manufacturing environment has unique challenges. Maintenance is typically required on specialized equipment that is interconnected with multiple process and safety controls. Further, maintenance requirements are dictated by the original equipment manufacturer, regulatory requirements, and process conditions. That is why ASAP has developed the engineering approach to preventative maintenance and a unique system for managing preventative maintenance tasks.We combine engineering oversight and detailed maintenance tracking to create a program that lets you get control of your maintenance issues. We can do this with the least possible cost and the most efficient use of your own personnel.It works like this:

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  • Step 1 – Plant Survey: ASAP engineers will travel to your facility and complete a plant survey to catalog systems, unit operations, equipment, and instruments that are categorized as Criticality Level 1 (a severe risk to either plant safety or operations). This survey is completed free of charge.
  • Step 2 – PM Plan Review: ASAP will compile the information gathered from the plant survey and present a preliminary Preventative Maintenance(PM) Plan that addresses all assets identified with recommended maintenance tasks and intervals. This plan will be reviewed with appropriate plant personnel for adjustments based on process conditions and operational qualifications. This plan creation and review is also free of charge.
  • Step 3 – Work Order Management: Once the initial PM Plan is reviewed and any changes identified are addressed, ASAP will setup your unique program within our PM management system (ASAP uses eMaint software as the basis for our management of client assets). This allows us to issue monthly work orders detailing the upcoming maintenance tasks required as well as an estimate for ASAP to complete the necessary work.
You choose whether to use ASAP or your own personnel to complete the work! This gives you the flexibility of bringing in outside resources when needed and the control over your budget.



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