Engineers and Architects for Process Projects

Engineers and Architects for Process Projects

PROCESS PROJECTS: USING AN ENGINEERING FIRM ALONG WITH AN ARCHITECTURAL FIRM Process projects are often started with an architectural firm, leaving the engineering issues to be addressed later on. This is common practice in commercial projects, but can cause problems when this method is used for process projects. This usually happens when a Director of Facilities,

Real Estate Factors for Industrial Facilities

IMPORTANT REAL ESTATE FACTORS FOR INDUSTRIAL CLIENTS While many manufacturing clients tend to only look at certain aspects of a building like its façade, location, or condition of the office space, there are important, often cost-driven, factors for evaluating industrial real estate beyond looks. Disposition of town towards manufacturing Some towns are more likely to

Massachusetts Permit to Process Hazardous Material

MASSACHUSETTS REQUIRES NEW PERMIT TO PROCESS HAZARDOUS MATERIAL Update in effect as of January 1, 2015: The requirements for hazardous material processing (previously known as 527 CMR 33) are now listed under 527 CMR 1.00:60.  The full regulation has been carried over in the new revision.The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services enacted regulation 527 CMR

Quantitative Risk Analysis

QUANTITATIVE RISK ANALYSIS – HOW TO PREVENT INCIDENTS LIKE THE EXPLOSION IN WEST, TEXAS The incident in Texas prompted us to think about understanding the risks associated with operating a facility handling hazardous materials, and how to prevent these types of incidents.  (Current estimates reveal that the facility contained as much as 54,000 pounds of


THE IMPLICATIONS OF ROHS AND REACH UPDATES Electrical products and medical devices which are manufactured in the United States, and sold in the EU may be significantly impacted by updates to two sets of regulations: RoHS, the Restrictions of Hazardous Substance Directive, and REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals. RoHS 2 (the new

Factors to Consider when Relocating Flammable Materials

RELOCATING WITH FLAMMABLE MATERIALS? 6 FACTORS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER Manufacturers that use flammable materials and are considering new real estate have more factors to consider than other industrial users. Those who require storage for flammable materials should also take the following into consideration when evaluating industrial properties: Proximity to other buildings – is there another
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