Creative Materials



SPEC renovated the existing facility (including layout, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical modifications) to accommodate the client’s relocation. SPEC built the entire facility including office space, conference room, process mix rooms, labs, storage rooms, and warehouse space. The existing bathrooms and kitchen areas were simply cleaned up.

The new facility met Creative Materials’ current and future needs for office and manufacturing spaces as well as allowed them to keep larger quantities of flammable solvents at their facility.


One of the main goals of the project was to re-use as much of the existing building features and utilities as possible to save the client money. For instance, the client required greater HVAC control than what was already installed. Instead of replacing the existing air handler equipment with PLC based upgrades, SPEC installed modulating dampers inside the rerouted ductwork with a central PLC to control them. This saved the client significant expense on new HVAC equipment.

Engineering for the project began at the start of 2011, with a full design package completed in March of 2011. Construction ran from May through September of 2011, with the client able to move into the full renovated space in September 2011.

When the project was finished, SPEC delivered a turnkey, fully functioning building that the client was able to immediately move into with their equipment and hook up to building utilities.

Project Highlights

  • Contract Basis – GMP, fixed price contract
  • Square footage: 25,000 sq ft.
  • On schedule and on budget
SPEC Process Engineering & Construction