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Turnkey Delivery
Whether you are constructing a new facility or renovating an existing one, SPEC can perform all the necessary services to design and construct your new plant. As a design/builder, we maintain a staff of skilled engineers in the critical disciplines of process, mechanical, electrical and controls engineering as well as manufacturing oriented architects. To complete your project, SPEC also employs construction project managers and our own field superintendents. Your project will be executed from site selection, through design and construction, to the final punch out.

Upgrades and Maintenance
If you need less comprehensive upgrade or maintenance services, SPEC can supply the same level of expertise and management to your project.We are skilled at conducting projects with minimal interference to existing operations. We can supply our tested turnkey methods to safety upgrades, maintenance operations, new equipment installations, controls upgrades and code compliance work.

Process Scale Up
Taking a product out of development and into manufacturing is a difficult process that involves numerous decisions and trials. Similarly, increasing the efficiencies or improving an existing manufacturing process offers some of the same challenges, with the added problem of continuing to fulfill regulatory and customer requirements. SPEC can help in both of these circumstances. We have experience in working with your scientists and technical staff to help them work out the problems as your manufacturing process develops or changes. SPEC can then apply practical solutions that get you up and running quickly with minimal trial and error and the smallest possible budget.




Turnkey Delivery
When a product is in development, it is advisable to build a laboratory that will allow full flexibility to take that product through a commercial launch. Careful attention must be paid to work spaces, utilities and expansion possibilities. SPEC is experienced in developing a laboratory strategy that will provide the most efficiency and flexibility when you are in a product development cycle. We are fully knowledgeable about the problems you will face during process development and scale up and can help your company set the stage to minimize those issues.


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