Client Purchased Instrumentation

Client Purchased Instrumentation. A documented description of customer owned or purchased equipment with which the contractor must interface or otherwise include in the installed system. These equipment descriptions enable engineers to design utility connections such as steam, chilled water, compress air, specialty gases, electrical, and data. Descriptions should include machine footprints and floor loading requirements.

  • SPEC #:17001
  • Code:17-00-01

Generic Instrument Specification

Generic Instrument Specification. An equipment purchasing specification that details terms and conditions of specially engineered equipment. It includes details such as, documentation requirements, construction materials, performance warranty, and, with customer engineered equipment, may include details on the types, brands, and model numbers of specific components to use. In order for a factory to have a reduced number of spare parts, it can include brands of switches, motors, pneumatic valves, electronic controllers, etc.

  • SPEC #:17000
  • Code:17-00-00


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