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The simplest way to describe SPEC Process Engineering and Construction (SPEC) is that we are “engineers who build.” For most of our clients, we handle the entire project, from preliminary budgeting and project planning through construction. For many projects we are also able to assist with project financing.

Our unique approach to design/build has the benefits of keeping project costs down while keeping project efficiency and quality high. Our company is sharply focused on manufacturing and product development related facilities for fine chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Our entire team is specifically oriented to the delivery of this type of project from the specification of process equipment to the navigation of regulatory hurdles imposed by the FDA, environmental agencies and local authorities.

We also like to offer options for our clients. At the client’s request we can supply an individual project component such as process engineering, project management or cGMP consulting. But even when we only supply a component of a project, the client gains from our construction oriented approach. With SPEC, you get realistic, practical service based on engineering knowledge combined with street-wise construction experience.

But what makes our approach different?

  • We are truly an integrated firm. All of our design engineers, process engineers, construction/project managers and controls staff are under the same roof.
  • The person managing the construction will be an engineer with construction experience – not just a construction person. For most technically and regulatory driven projects, this can make a tremendously positive difference in the quality of the final project.
  • We guarantee what it will cost up-front. Our goal is to lock a budget in before detailed design begins. We can typically achieve this with only 2% to 5% of the project budget expended.
  • We take the risk. We not only guarantee the price, but we are responsible for all aspects of the project right down to the ordering of the equipment.

Our focus is to undertake modestly sized projects. Our projects rarely exceed $25 million in total project cost, with a more common range being $100,000 to $15 million.

To really understand SPEC, you need to understand our approach to projects. The best way we have found to insure a successful project is to have a well thought out approach to the project, the project management and validation.

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