IntelliSense Corporation



IntelliSense is a manufacturer of specialized MEMS or “micromachines.”  These are small electromechanical devices used in a variety of applications.  Intellisense works directly with clients to develop customized MEMS specifically for a client’s application.


The scale up from R&D to production scale operations required dedicated space to meet the requirements of the local authorities. SPEC integrated the code analysis with a design and construction package that delivered a complete and functioning project.


SPEC provided a Design / Build package for IntelliSense Corporation for the design, construction, and commissioning of a hazardous gas storage bunker to meet the code requirements for an HPM rated storage area. SPEC also integrated the temporary hazardous gas monitoring system into a PLC based plant wide system.

Project Highlights

  • Design and construction of a gas bunker with all utilities including: HVAC, with redundant exhaust systems; electrical, fire protection, compressed air, nitrogen, and gas distribution piping
  • Design and construction of all high purity gas distribution and storage systems
  • Design, programming, and construction of all PLC based control and monitoring systems for hazardous gas detection and HVAC control
  • Start up of all utility and control systems including operator training
  • On going support of the installed control / monitoring system
SPEC Process Engineering & Construction