Metrigraphics needed to expand their facility in parallel with creating a more advanced cleanroom (more space, better enviro controls). The client had a compressed timeline because they needed to move out of their existing space.


A unique challenge for this project was the installation of a cleanroom inside of an existing multi-story multi-tenant facility using as much of the existing HVAC system, which was not designed for cleanroom function.

SPEC started working with the client early in the project, and began by aiding in the property search by providing layout and fit-out options. SPEC designed a cleanroom that could be successfully constructed utilizing the existing HVAC system, and helped coordinate the client’s extensive equipment needs (identification of required space and utilities) into the new space fit-out. Phased project construction was used to allow for a pre-move by the client prior to full completion of the construction, to allow them to meet their deadlines for product testing.

Key deliverables on this project included schedule (critical), HVAC design and controls, utility distribution, power upgrade and fit-out.

To save the client money, SPEC built a 10,000 SF Class 1,000 cleanroom in the middle of factory space utilizing the existing HVAC equipment with the use of plenum construction and fan-powered HEPA units. This involved major changes to the function of the existing air-handling unit.

Project Highlights

  • Contract basis: Design-build, lump sum
  • Designed the facility to Class 1,000 cleanroom standards
  • Total Square footage: 36,000 total
    • 10,000 SF cleanroom
    • 2,000 SF H space
SPEC Process Engineering & Construction