The client wanted to develop a Biomass (wood) pyrolysis process with used equipment. The equipment was in poor condition, and the previous pilot plant, where the equipment was located, did not run well.


SPEC’s process engineering team reviewed the equipment and process. During preliminary engineering, SPEC’s engineers recommended equipment upgrades and process changes to eliminate system clogging and to increase throughput.

SPEC developed a full set of PI&D’s, designed a control system, and developed full installation drawings. We worked with the client to evaluate facilities and helped them procure a lease and building permit from the local authorities.

In the construction phase, SPEC built the facility and re-assembled the used process equipment with new scrubbers and process cooling systems.

Project Highlights

  • Fixed Price Construction Contract Basis
  • SPEC installed woodchip conveyors and a silo for storage, handling, and transport to the dry material conveyors to the process reactors.
  • Our project management team provided significant coordination with the local fire department for permitting diesel oil and waste oil tanks
  • Modification of diesel generator to work with biogas from process exhaust
  • Additions/upgrades to Schneider Electric PLC (provided as part of generator)
  • SPEC helped the client prove the process. Our engineers participated in test runs to optimize the process and take process samples.
  • At the end, the client’s equipment and intellectual property was acquired by an overseas company. It is now being installed in Asia. SPEC’s engineers are scheduled to visit the site and to participate in startup activities when construction is complete.
SPEC Process Engineering & Construction