Waters Corporation


Project Description

Waters decided to install a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) at their Taunton chromatography media manufacturing facility. SPEC provided detail design, construction and performance testing support to meet a hard deadline for completion. Project cost approximately $2M.

The Project Highlights include

  • 60,000 cfm regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO).
  • New roof mounted stainless steel duct for exhaust collection. Allowed for uninterrupted plant operations with a weekend demolition of exhaust fans and tie-in to the new RTO.
  • New make-up air handlers with cooling capability for the manufacturing suite.
  • Building management upgrade to allow pressure control for permanent total enclosure status.
  • Construction of an air lock for material flow to the production suite.
  • Site electrical service upgrade, multi tap to a new exterior 2000 amp service, including transformer replacement, weather-tight switchboard, and distribution to new and existing panels.
  • New natural gas service to building.
SPEC Process Engineering & Construction