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“We just want you to provide a P&ID for our new process.  Please provide accompanying line sizing and pipe specifications.  Also, please provide instrumentation specifications and purchasing for all automated instruments, as well as updated programming and control system modifications.  We will take care of equipment purchasing, as well as the piping and electrical contracts.”-Waters Corporation, a long term client.More often than not, multiple smaller projects take the forefront at your facility on a year-to-year basis.  Some of these your staff can probably handle on their own.  And if you’re like most manufacturers, you typically have to handle the normal production duties while juggling new capital projects and improvements.  Your budget may be strained as well.  This is when some companies choose to divide the scope and responsibility where it makes sense to bring in an outside firm like SPEC.Many of our projects with Waters Corporation are like the one described above.  Although, SPEC specializes in design/build services, we are more than willing to provide a portion of the services “a la carte” if the situation seems appropriate.  Since 2002, SPEC has helped Waters with new single reactor systems, utility upgrades, control system improvements, instrumentation upgrades, and updating plant documentation to meet OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations, all in partial engineering and/or construction roles suited to support the budget or technical needs of Waters personnel.In addition to the many smaller projects, SPEC has also provided services for large turnkey projects, including:

  1. A new, two story 9,000 ft2 building addition creating a separate powder handling and manufacturing process suite.
  2. Installation of a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) system upgrading the facility to zero emissions.
  3. Installation of new stainless steel process reactors and filter presses, designed for 3x scale up of an existing manufacturing line.   Upgrade of the existing manual process providing semi-automatic functions through DCS control.


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