What to Expect from Your Equipment/Instrument Vendor


At SPEC process engineering we buy a lot of parts, pieces and specialty equipment.Over the years we have found some reps/distributors to provide not only good prices, but also thorough documentation.A high quality vendor should be able to provide the following WITH QUOTE:
1.       Cut Sheet, in PDF format
2.       AutoCad Drawing of Equipment
3.       Link to Website with Full instruction manual
4.       Price with actual delivery (not “standard quoted delivery”).
5.       Price with Delivery, Full model number.
All in an easy to read format. No scans. We like to directly cut text from the PDF quote and paste it directly into our purchase order system.
With the documents listed above, almost all of our turnover documents are supplied with the quote.  We don’t have to chase down the manuals and scan them later.
Does your vendor provide this type of documentation to you with a quote? If not, find another vendor.   The few $ you may save on the purchase will easily be eaten up by engineering time to collect the documents for validation and turnover. If you would like a referral to our favorite vendors, just drop us a note:



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