Will Cellulosic Ethanol Replace Gasoline?


Recent reports from Sandia National Laboratories and General Motors have estimated that by 2030, alternative energy and biofuels in the U.S will replace one-third of annual gasoline consumption. One of the clean technology forerunners contributing to this reduction is cellulosic ethanol. Cellulosic ethanol is already being produced on a commercial scale by several companies across the U.S. and is already commercially viable:

Benefits of Cellulosic Ethanol:
  • Fewer steps used to break down waste product means more conversion potential for fermentable components
  • No impact on essential food resources (unlike corn-based ethanol production)
  • Produced from agricultural waste products/non-food sources (switchgrass and wood chips)
  • Reduction in air pollution (traditional gas production can radiate roughly 75-80% more CO2 emissions)
  • Reduction in green house gases (traditional reformulated gas production can emit roughly 80% more green house gases)
  • Reduction in fine particle emissions (traditional gasoline production can discharge roughly 50% more fine particle emissions)


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