Engineers and Architects for Process Projects

Engineers and Architects for Process Projects

PROCESS PROJECTS: USING AN ENGINEERING FIRM ALONG WITH AN ARCHITECTURAL FIRM Process projects are often started with an architectural firm, leaving the engineering issues to be addressed later on. This is common practice in commercial projects, but can cause problems when this method is used for process projects. This usually happens when a Director of Facilities,

Better Project Approach

BETTER PROJECT APPROACH If you’ve been in the industrial or facilities side of the world for a while, you’re probably familiar with the headache that starts about the time you find out you have an expansion or maintenance project coming up. You don’t have time to make sure the engineers and architect coordinate their work or

Air Emission Control Tech – Case Study

CASE STUDIES ON AIR EMISSIONS CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES SPEC has worked with several clients in their efforts to comply with EPA regulations. We have supported our clients in various capacities from providing calculations for permit applications to actually evaluating control technology and installing it at the client’s site. Some case studies are below: One client who had

Value of Early Engineering

THE VALUE OF EARLY ENGINEERING Clients often question us about our unique approach to executing design/build projects. Specifically, they question the value of the preliminary design package (Design Basis Report) we create very early in the project, typically for a small fixed fee. It’s not that we’re adding extra cost to your project, or trying to differentiate

Capital Cost Planning

CAPITAL COST PLANNING FOR A MANUFACTURING FACILITY Now that more new ventures are developing cutting edge technologies, instead of software, capital costs are becoming a significant percentage of a start-up’s funding. Investment firms and government grantors are requiring more thorough capital cost evaluations for establishing manufacturing facilities. In particular, companies such as clean tech start-ups

Engineering Savings – A Case Study

WORKING WITH AN ENGINEERING FIRM TO SAVE ON PROJECT COSTS – A CASE STUDY Consulting with an engineering firm at the outset of a manufacturing expansion or renovation project can have significant benefits for a manufacturing client. In fact, one of our recent clients had already started working with a design firm when they hired
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