Real Estate Factors for Industrial Facilities

Real Estate Factors for Industrial Facilities

IMPORTANT REAL ESTATE FACTORS FOR INDUSTRIAL CLIENTS While many manufacturing clients tend to only look at certain aspects of a building like its façade, location, or condition of the office space, there are important, often cost-driven, factors for evaluating industrial real estate beyond looks. Disposition of town towards manufacturing Some towns are more likely to

Factors to Consider when Relocating Flammable Materials

RELOCATING WITH FLAMMABLE MATERIALS? 6 FACTORS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER Manufacturers that use flammable materials and are considering new real estate have more factors to consider than other industrial users. Those who require storage for flammable materials should also take the following into consideration when evaluating industrial properties: Proximity to other buildings – is there another

Building Code Considerations for Hazardous Materials

BUILDING CODE CONSIDERATIONS FOR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS What are the building code issues that you should be aware of when looking for a building if your company uses hazardous materials? This is one of the most frequent issues we address for our clients.If your company uses flammable chemicals or has a process that creates dust that

Taking Advantage of Existing Manufacturing Spaces

CASE STUDIES OF LOCAL COMPANIES TAKING ADVANTAGE OF EXISTING MANUFACTURING SPACES: St. Gobain: In a previous post, we covered Evergreen Solar’s move out of the Fort Devens manufacturing space and the opportunities the facility would provide to companies operating in heavy industry. The benefits of moving into a space with existing equipment and infrastructure can usually

Communities and Industrial Real Estate

INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE – THE IMPORTANCE OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES A significant factor in evaluating industrial real estate is the local community. The experience of a local company, while trying to relocate, highlights the challenges and pitfalls of heavy industry companies trying to relocate in facilities in a new community. Ze-gen, an up and coming green
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