Importance of Performing a Process Review

Importance of Performing a Process Review

THE IMPORTANCE OF PERFORMING A PROCESS REVIEW PRIOR TO PLANNING YOUR PROCESS EXPANSION Prior to planning any process expansion project, it’s important to perform a thorough process review and evaluation. We’ve written up a case study of our work with a client where this proved particularly helpful, and have outlined specific issues we found when

Fixed Price vs. GMP

FIXED PRICE VS. GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE CONTRACTS Fixed Price Fixed Price contracts typically result in a lower engineering project cost than Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), but that is not to say that these types of contracts are inherently “cheaper.”  Larger clients who often have an established, well-defined project execution process and in-house engineers,  typically have

Storing & Handling Flammable and Combustible Substances

STORING & HANDLING FLAMMABLE AND COMBUSTIBLE SUBSTANCES SPEC frequently works with clients that store some amount of flammable and/or combustible substances.  Obvious substances like gasoline and diesel fuel are flammable and combustible but even common products, such as polishes, waxes, adhesives, paints, cleaners, solvents, and thinners can pose a threat.  Ensuring that such products are

Importance of Developing a Building Program

THE IMPORTANCE OF DEVELOPING A BUILDING PROGRAM The core design work for most of SPEC projects involves manufacturing process engineering. The first and most important step is establishing the client’s manufacturing scope.  The space that houses the manufacturing process is only one of the many spaces required in any manufacturing facility.  Space must be planned

Good Manufacturing Practices

GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES: COMPLEXITIES IN CLEAN ROOM STANDARDS The United States and European Union both attempt to control the safe testing and manufacture of medical devices and pharmaceutical products through Good Manufacturing Practices or GMPs. In general, these practices adhere to two primary ideas: Manufacturing processes should be clearly defined and controlled. All critical processes
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