What to Expect from Your Equipment/Instrument Vendor

What to Expect from Your Equipment/Instrument Vendor

WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT FROM YOUR EQUIPMENT/INSTRUMENT VENDOR At SPEC process engineering we buy a lot of parts, pieces and specialty equipment.Over the years we have found some reps/distributors to provide not only good prices, but also thorough documentation.A high quality vendor should be able to provide the following WITH QUOTE: 1.       Cut Sheet, in PDF

New vs. Used Process Equipment – Part 1

CHOOSING USED VS. NEW PROCESS EQUIPMENT, PART 1 What, if any, is the real benefit of buying used equipment for your project? Many people believe that they can save money by buying used equipment for their capital projects, and depending on the age and condition of the equipment they can save between 50% and 75% of

New vs. Used Process Equipment – Part 2

CHOOSING USED VS. NEW PROCESS EQUIPMENT, PART 2 To help you determine if used equipment is right for your budget and process, here are some important items which need to be considered.1.       How important is the equipment to your process? For example, if you are planning a biofuel manufacturing facility and the key component to the process is the fermentation vessel,

Relief Valves

RELIEF VALVES & MAINTAINING OSHA REGULATIONS We’ve recently seen an uptick in the number of clients asking for support to complete the PSM (process safety management) documentation and calculations for relief valves. Although the reasons for the recent compliance efforts vary, we thought it would be worthwhile to review the regulations and requirements OHSA has established

Imported Thermal Oxidezers

FOREIGN-MADE THERMAL OXIDIZERS: LESSONS LEARNED Purchasing and installing a thermal oxidizer is a common solution for manufacturing facilities that need to neutralize toxic air emissions. We recently installed a foreign-made thermal-oxidizer for a client and encountered several issues that we thought would be worthwhile to share with others considering a similar solution. Consider these as lessons
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